Fish & Chips At OhSo Social

As you might imagine on Brighton beach, fish’n’chips is one of our specialities and probably our most popular dish. We caught up with our fishmonger, the head of a family run firm based just down the road in Hove, to find out where our fresh fish and shell fish comes from.

Fish Galore At OhSo Social!

“I started fishing on a local trawler in 1980, by 1989 I was a skipper on a deep sea trawler working from various ports around the United Kingdom and northern Europe, which enabled me to attain a wide and varied knowledge of all fish and shellfish.

In 2005 I came ashore and joined a local family run company which supplies fish to local restaurants with in the Sussex area. I then took over the company using my contacts within the industry to expand the business.

We’re particularly proud of our Shellfish and get them straight from the coasts of Brighton, where they’re found naturally. We’re proud of all of our catch and truly believe that its the best quality. We supply to most of the up market restaurants in East Sussex.”


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