Pre-Ordered Food

Canape Menu – £10.95 per head

If you’re reserving a table, area – or the whole venue… why not sort your food in advance. Either served ‘buffet style’ or on our signature antipasti planks to share around the tables you have reserved…

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Canapé Menu

Entré Menu – £10.95 per head

Our substantial canapés are £2.00 per cold item and £2.20 per hot dish. Mini deserts are £2.

They are served to your guests by our waiting staff. We suggest 3 or 4 canapés per person; there is a minimum of 25 canapés per option.

Hot Canapés

Spicy chorizo toad in the hole
Homemade sausage rolls
Warm chicken-breast satay skewers (DF)
Cod and prawn fishcakes with tartar dip
Tempura prawns with soy dip (DF)
Spicy chorizo or halloumi (V)(GF) skewers with homemade salsa dip (DF)
Chicken-breast goujons with lemon mayonaise (DF)
Mini fish and chips (DF)- £2.50
Mini burger / veggie burger (V) – £2.50
Scampi bites and tartar sauce (DF)
Potato wedges with salsa and crème fraiche dip (V,GF,DF)

Cold Canapés

Chilli crab mayo, avocado, with chia seed on sliced demi baguette.
Home-made free range Scotch eggs with brown sauce.
Vegtarian Scotch eggs (V) with brown sauce.
Gammon ham and mustard wraps (DF)
Beetroot hummus, mint & lime avocado on sliced demi baguette topped with a choice of either feta cheese (V), salmon or tofu (VE).
Butternut squash, beetroot hummus, pumpkins seeds on sliced demi baguette topped with a choice either feta cheese ( V) , salmon ortofu (VE).
Cold rarebit and spicy chutney toasts (V).
Mature cheddar and seasonal coleslaw wraps

Mini Desserts

Chocolate brownie chunks with dipping sauce (V).
Profiteroles drizzled with chocolate sauce (V).
Mini apple strudels (V).



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